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At the first personal exhibition of Iulia Halaucescu (1954 - Bucharest), Horia Horsia said that the artist is a master of watercolours, statement supported by more than 20 art critics in the 150 articles written on this issue. The art critics appreciated the cycle "Old and New Legends in the Bistrita Valey", which gained her the title of Rhapsodist of the Bicaz Region, the evocations at Lucian Blaga's and Omar Khayyam's poems and also the cycle "Floral Structures".


  • Iulia Halaucescu - Master of Watercolours. The artist's firm mastery of the difficult technique of watercolours, artist who has proved herself to be a master of watercolours, demonstrating that any kind of emotions can be expressed in this domain as well, being at the same time an excellent drawer, with manly vigour perfectly combined with an amazing technical mastery (G. Coban, C.R. Constantinescu, A. Leon, I. Frunzetti etc.). Amelia Pavel, the famous historian and art critic stated that through the special cutting out of the motif concentrated on the essential respected in its distance she reminds of the greatest expressionist artists, Kirchner and Heckel.
  • Iulia Halaucescu - Creator of Style. Many art critics considered her a creator of a viable style, her works bearing a specific tinge, both traditional and modern, which cannot be mistaken, a personal style easily recognizable at first sight, even in an exhibition with many paintings (I. Frunzetti, Adriana Stoica, Stelian Juncu, Eugenia Florescu, Marin Mihalache etc.). C. Ciopraga noticed that the style of this painter combines gravity with solemnity and with the legendary and Marina Preutu underlines her originality.
  • The Monumentality in her Creation was stated by Gh. Oprescu, P. Comarnescu, G. Popa, C. Ciopraga, Al. Arbore, Radu Bogdan, V. Ciuca etc. A. Pavel says that Iulia Halaucescu certainly has an architect vocation which succeeds in imposing itself, strange paradox, through the very suavity of the watercolours.
  • THE PHILOSOPHICAL ASPECT OF HER CREATION was noticed and commented upon not only by G. Popa who considers her a spiritual daughter of the Moldavian mountains, water and sky, but also C. Ciopraga R. Corban, Al. Ivan-Ghilea, G.A.M. Ciobanu, speaking both about the evocations at the philosophical poems of Lucian Blaga and Omar Khayyam's quatrains given the fact that the artist graduated the Academy of Philosophy as well. Amelia Pavel states that in the Romanian modern art Iulia Halaucescu is on the side of those whose creations require interpretations, guarantees of the "inner necessity" of the work as Kandinsky, the master of the spiritual experience, would say. "The Floral Structures" reconsider meditations on the secret mechanisms of nature, piercing analyses concerning the mutations of the form towards colour and the aspirations of the colour towards form, a drama of the vegetal nature.

    THE RELATIONSHIP OIL - WATERCOLOUR PAINTING - The art critics consider Iulia Halaucescu has proved there is no limit between one and the other, that the artist has annihilated the preconception that watercolours represents a minor technique, unable to express major themes (Radu Negru, Stelian Juncu, Claudiu Paradais, Grigore Ilisei, Valentin Ciuca etc.) who confirme that Iulia Halaucescu turned watercolours into painting. The artist is appreciated and considered by more than 30 art critics a major personality of the Romanian contemporary art, a value of the feminine spirit, an honoured artist. Prof. dr. Constantin Ciopraga says that she originally continues the series of value of the genre and Marina Preutu admits that a simple touch of Iulia Halaucescu's painting brush gains values of personality. She is considered one of the most remarkable personalities of the genre. The art critic V. Ciuca, approving of what many others had noticed, said:

    "We can speak about Iulia Halaucescu only by corelating her to the Romanian watercolours, art of subtlety and full of éclat. It is true that she exemplarily turned this into real painting, because, through temperament and vocation she expressed unaltered images and her volcanic personality. Definitely personal in everything she did for the contemporary art, the creator of style Iulia Halaucescu is an authentic LADY OF THE ROMANIAN WATERCOLOURS".

    Iulia Halaucescu designed the project of the old districtual coat of arms and the ones of the present coats of arms of Piatra-Neamtz and Neamtz district, adopted by contest. Over the years, for her artistic activity she received many diplomas (awarded at the National Graphics Festival, the National Plastic Arts Festival "Lascar Vorel", the "Ceahlaul" Newspaper) medals (The Cultural Merit, The Labour Order, The National Cultural Order for Merit - 2000) and on the 31st of March 1996 she was awarded the title of "Honoured Member of the Academy of Scientists in Romania".

    Many of the artist's works are to be found in the collections of the Romanian Art Museum, museums in Constantza, Iassi, Bacau, Vaslui, Alba Iulia and in private collections in the country and abroad: Australia, Canada, Korea, Switzerland, France, Greece, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Holland, Russia, Sweden and U.S.A.

    PUBLICATIONS: More than 21 publications wrote about Iulia Halaucescu's works: Cebuc Alex., Florea V. and Laptoiu Negoita, "Romanian Contemporary Artists Encyclopedia", Bucharest, 1996; O. Barbosa, "Dictionary of Romanian Contemporary Artists", Bucharest, 1976; Dragut V. Florea, Grigorescu Dan, Mihalache Marin, "The Romanian Painting through Images", Bucharest, 1970; Ciuca Valentin, "The Romanian Contemporary Watercolours", Bucharest, 1988; The National Press Agency - ROMPRESS, "Personalities of Contemporary Romania", 3, Bucharest, 1995; Prangati C., "Dictionary of Famous People in Neamt District", 1999 etc.

    CATALOGUES, GUIDES - more than 50 edited by the Ministery of Culture. The artist's works have been praised by the most famous art critics, academicians, writers in more than 150 articles and in many TV shows, as well.

    On 16 November 2003 it was inaugurated "Iulia Halaucescu Art Museum" in her native city Tarcau, Neamtz district.

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