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IULIA HALAUCESCU - painter, graphician, permanent member of The Union of Plastic Artists in Romania (U.P.A.). Born on the 31st of March 1924, in Tarcau, Neamtz district, in a family descending from Christian-orthodox priests, her father being a preist as well, with a rich activity of journalist, author of a Monography of the Tarcau region, awarded by the Romanian Academy.

She graduated the Academy of Philosophy (Bucharest, 1948 - Aesthetics) and the Institute of Plastic Arts "N. Grigorescu" (Bucharest, 1953), after she had studied painting separately with R. Schweitzer-Cumpana, honoured artist of art. Since 1954 she has been a member of U.P.A., where she also participated in the national boarding committee (1963-1968, 1978-1990) and she was president of the Piatra-Neamtz regional branch for 18 years. Between 1956-1960 she participated in the activity of the group of scientific research for art issues in the Bicaz region. She initiated the research for descovering some of Lascar Vorel's works and his diary, also and suggested and assisted the founding of the Collection of the Art Museum in Piatra Neamt (1964), being considered one of the five founding members. She also initiated the building of the Art Galleries of U.P.A. in Piatra-Neamtz (1989) and since 1983 she has activated in the Association of Scientists.
She died on the 18 of December 2007 on her residence in Piatra Neamtz.

PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS - She opened 58 personal exhibitions, 6 of which in Bucharest; in 1984 the Ministery of Culture and U.P.A. organized a retrospective in Bucharest - "Dalles"; Prague - 1957; Bayonne - 1992; 9 exhibitions in Iassi, Cluj, Bacau etc., one personal exhibition being brought to many major cities in the whole country (Arad, Tg. Mures etc.) by the Romanian Art Museum; we also have to mention the retrospectives at 70 and 75 years old in major art museums.

PARTICIPATIONS IN COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS ABROAD - Held by the Ministery of Culture and U.P.A.: 38 in 21 countries (Czechia, Egypt, Albania, Marocco, Syria, Greece, Russia, U.S.A., Japan, Jugoslavia, Irak, Pakistan, Mexico, Germany, France, Turkey, Sweden, Brasil, Italy, Argentina, Israel).

COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS IN THE COUNTRY - at annual exhibitions and national exhibition of drawing: 33; biennial exhibition of painting "Dalles" - Bucharest (1968); national exhibitions - Bucharest, with oil and mainly watercolours (16).
Since 1954 she has participated in all regional and districtual exhibitions.

DOCUMENTARY JOURNEYS - cultural exchanges with Czechia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Greece - all of them ending with exhibitions. She also participated in the country at camps of creation organized by the Ministery of Culture and U.P.A.

MONUMENTAL ART - Together with Simona Vasiliu Chintila (15 oct. 1928 - 6 mai 2009) she made a sgraffito in Piatra-Neamtz - "The House of Culture", a marble mosaic in Roman - The "Roman" Hotel, a project exhibition - Iassi, a mural painting in oil and monumental tapestries donated by the Romanian Government to representatives of foreign countries.

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